Four days of LAN Gaming!
August 8 to 11, 2019
Leduc Recreation Centre
4330 Black Gold Drive
Leduc, AB T9E 3C3
Games Played:
Anything and Everything!
Date Subject To Change

Axe Music sound it off

Axe Music has been a huge sponsor of Fragapalooza for many many many years.  They provide us the PA and sound system we use for the event each and every year.  And guess what?  They are again donating the equipment for our 20 years in the making event, Fragapalooza 2016.  Great local company which has been serving Edmonton region for many years!

OverKlocked Fragapalooza!

OverKlocked has been a great returning sponsor of Fragapalooza for many years.  And we are so grateful for their continued support of the event.  So you might have guessed it, they are again sponsoring Fragapalooza in 2016 for our 20 Years of Frag.  Check them out for various locked in events or casual gaming needs!

Their Game Ready and so are we!

nVidia has been a sponsor of Fragapalooza many times and we are so excited to announce that they will again be sponsoring Fragapalooza for our 20th year!  With leading edge graphics and raw power, we love their products and know you do as well.  So please check them out for all your gaming needs!

Veeam is here!

Veeam has been backing up your VMs and environments for years, and has also been backing Fragapalooza for many as well.  We are welcoming them back again in 2016 as a sponsor and we are very pleased!  Check them out at https://www.veeam.com/.

We are happy to announce the first of this year's Official Fragapalooza Tournaments is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  Lets defuse us some bombs for justice, liberty and great victory!

If you are interested in participating in this tournament, please take the time to read our general tournament rules for this year as well as the rules and format for the Counter-Strike tournament.  Both of these documents are a work in progress and may change before the tournament starts.  You may provide feedback on the documents themselves.  We are continuing the improvements to our website that will allow us to accept team signups from paid participants, so please look for that this month.  

Please note that this tournament will only proceed if we have at least 4 teams signed up at the start of the tournament, tentatively scheduled for the evening of August 5th, continuing on August 6th as required.

We will be announcing more tournaments as we get closer to the event, we look forward to seeing you there!


So, the totals have come in and we at Fragapalooza are going to DOUBLE our original donation amount.  As such, we will be donating $252 to the Red Cross for the relief effort in support of those affected by the fires.  We are happy to hear that the town of Fort McMurray is out of immediate danger from the fires now, and hope all those affected can start to rebuild.

Please remember that you can still donate by clicking on this link.

Thank you to everyone who registered during the week and drove our donation amount up.  


Fragapalooza is more than just a LAN party.  We are a community of gamers from all walks of life, and from all over Alberta.  Currently our community is suffering a terrible loss with the wildfire that is threatening to destroy Fort McMurray this week.  Thousands of our friends and neighbors are losing everything they own.  As such, we would like to donate 10% of all registrations from now until Wednesday May 11, to the RedCross relief effort in support of those impacted by the fires.

To register for Fragapalooza 2016, simply go to https://www.fragapalooza.com and create an account.  Once you have Purchased a Seat and completed the registration process, Fragapalooza will donate 10% of your registration to the Canadian Red Cross.  We will do this for all registrations that come in between now and next Wednesday – May 11.

Even if you do not have any plans on attending Fragapalooza, you can still donate by going to this website - https://donate.redcross.ca/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1951&ea.campaign.id=50610&_ga=1.232829662.159742497.1462376821

Thank you for your support.

Their BACK!

Fragapalooza welcomes back Memory Express as a sponsor of the our event, broadening the ever growing list!  We are so very pleased that they are a part of our 20 Years in the making Fragapalooza 2016, and we know you are too!  Check them out at http://www.memoryexpress.com/ and our growing list of sponsors for Fragapalooza XXII.

They deliver IT and Sponsorship!

Fragapalooza is proud to announce our latest sponsor for Fragapalooza 2016, scalar "we deliver IT"! Here is a bit about scalar in their own words:

Scalar is an engineering-led IT solutions integrator with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, and London. Founded in 2004, we employ over 300 people nationally, and our team is made up of the most skilled technical specialists in the country, backed by an exceptional team of account executives and operational staff.

Mmmmm PIZZA!  And right at the event too!

Papa Johns Leduc location is again joining us at Fragapalooza 2016!  Here is a message from our newest sponsor:

Papa Johns Pizza is proud to support our local community and events such as Fragapalooza! Last year at Frag we got the honour to meet many of our community geeks and gamers, and this year we are excited to do it all again! Feel free to come see us at this years Frag, and keep the K/Ds positive! 

Extra Life Edmonton and Fragapalooza together again

We are proud to to say that Extra Life Edmonton will be again at Fragapalooza for 2016.  Please check them out at this year's event as this a great cause for the Edmonton Stollery and Children's Miracle Network!

Fragapalooza helps eLegend SAB be Legendary

Fragapalooza will be on hand April 2, 2016 to help out the eLegends Student Aid Bursary Fundraiser Tournament - League of Legends 1v1 tournament.  We are excited to see the event unfold having seen it bloom these last few weeks since Fragapalooza was asked to come on board as a Sponsor.

Check them out through their website and facebook links for more information!

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