NueQuest returns for Fragapalooza 2021

NueQuest Information Technology Inc. comes back for Fragapalooza 2021 as a sponsor, and we glad they are.  While their website seems to be under construction, make sure to contact them for any of your IT needs!


And again! Register, and purchase your FREE "Virtual Gamer Throne" to be eligible for thousands in prizing at our 25 years of Fragapalooza digital event:

Want to know if you are already registered and have your "Virtual Gamer Throne"? Check out the Who's Coming Page

CDW joins Fragapalooza 2021

CDW joins our 25 Years of Fragapalooza event as returning sponsor.  They are donating some great prizing for us to give-a-way to our participants this year.  "It's time to future-proof your business", so check out CDW today!

Also remember, register, and purchase your FREE "Virtual Gamer Throne" to be eligible for thousands in prizing at our 25 years of Fragapalooza digital event:

Want to know if you are already registered and have your "Virtual Gamer Throne"? Check out the Who's Coming Page:

CS:GO Tournament: This WEEKEND!

Looking to warm up for Fragapalooza? How about a shot at $4,000 USD!?

Our friends at The Gaming Stadium and Pepper Esports are putting on an amazing CS:GO Tournament, this weekend! You must be 21+ to enter.

Entry is Free!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your team signed up and warmed up for Fragapalooza!

Has it really been that long?  2021 marks 25 Years of Fragapalooza!!!  Canada's Premiere Video Gaming Event is older than most people's cars, mortgages, years of employment at a single job!  Two and a half decades' worth of video gaming events (physical and virtual), gaming community involvement, tournaments (competitive and fun), prizes, and give-a-ways.  Can you believe it?

As of today, we wanted to let you know our Merchandise is online and ready for purchase, straight to your door!  Get your 25 Years of Fragapalooza collectibles (shirts, mug, pillow, etc.) as we have a variety to choose from. Order now to show off your swag at this year's virtual event:

Also, don't forget to register for prizes and give-a-ways
(you must register to be eligible to win)

Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience 2021 live August 5th – 9th, 2021.

Register today – it’s FREE!

Join our Discord server to be right there with us at Fragapalooza.  Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and stay tuned to our website for all the latest information on this year’s digital online FREE event. Don't forget to Follow/Subscribe our Twitch channel to get notified when this and any other of our events go live!  See you in AUGUST!


Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience 2021

It has been a long pandemic, to say the least, and we at Fragapalooza hope to see you all well and in person as soon as we can.  While we can’t wait to spend that 4 days in person at Canada’s Premiere Video Gaming Event for 2021, we are going to be again hosting Fragapalooza online and accessible for all to join!  Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience 2021 will be live this August with games, tournaments, prizes, and best of all, the gaming community of all of you!

Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience 2021 will build on last year’s online event, utilizing all our available social and digital platforms to bring you that Fragapalooza experience, all of which you can join us from the comfort of your homes!  Join our Discord server to be right there with us at Fragapalooza.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and stay tuned to our website for all the latest information on this year’s digital online FREE event.

Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience 2021 live August 5th – 9th, 2021.

Register today – it’s FREE!


NOTE: Registered and paid for Fragapalooza 2020 - we appreciate all of you!

We are holding those registrations over until our next regular event for those of you that registered for our annual in-person Fragapalooza 2020. Again, we appreciate your support, and we look forward to seeing each other in person again.

Wolfpaw Sponsorship


Late edition to the sponsors, but very welcome edition. Wolfpaw Data Centres Inc. concentrates on the Co-Location, Server Hosting, B2B Dedicated Access and Consulting markets – and the various value added services which complement our core offerings.  Please join us in welcoming and thanking them for joining our community focused event, Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience.

Event Schedule

Join Us

Fragapalooza Discord

Event Starts

August 6 @ 9:00 AM

August 6, 2020

Thursday Live Schedule

 August 7, 2020

Friday Live Schedule

August 8, 2020

Saturday Live Schedule

August 9, 2020 

Sunday Live Schedule

NOTE:  Times and schedule subject to change. Please keep checking into the live links provided above.

You must be registered for the event to be eligible for prizing. Tournament registration is optional.

Register FREE: 

Extra Life Partnership

We at Fragapalooza are again partnering with Extra Life YEG to help promote their fine event and share their experiences in ours for Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience.  Please join us throughout the next 4 days with Extra Life YEG in their own section of our discord (

They are looking to do a discord live stream of (and may be looking for people to join in!):

  • Dauntless: Thursday @ 7:30 PM
  • Fall Guys (PC): Friday @ 7:00 PM
  • The Forest: Friday @ 7:00 PM
  • Splatoon 2: Saturday @ 3:00 PM
  • Overwatch: Saturday @ 7:00 PM
  • Golf with your Friends: Sunday @ 3:00 PM

NOTE: Times may vary depending on potential adjustments during the event.


Bushido Style Sponsorship 

This year, if you haven't seen all the hype, we are working with Bushido Style to host some racing tournaments.  Bring the competition!!! - we have prizing and giveaways! All skill level welcome. Make sure you register at - for our "Fragapalooza Digital Experience" event, if you miss registering here, you will not be eligible for Giveaway Prizing !

Once that is done SIGN UP below for the Bushido Style Races.

LeMans 1960


Sunday Funday - DRIFT

More Info can be found at Bushido Style's Discord ! for racing information in the Lemans, GT3 and Drift Channels.

Don't forget to also join us and become a member of our Fragapalooza discord community here

Dell/Alienware Sponsorship 


A staple sponsor, Dell year after year comes to the table and helps out Fragapalooza as best they can.  This year, with our Free Online event, The Digital Experience, is no exception. Combining their sponsorship with their strong Alienware gaming brand, we are happy to announce them as great sponsors of the Fragapalooza gaming community.  #FPDigitalXP

Telus Sponsorship 

Telus returns again this year as one of our largest sponsors.  They have been a big supporter of our community event, and a welcomed addition year after year.  Please help us welcome them for Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience

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