Achievement Unlocked!

You guys did it!  You are the best.  Today we release the Team Blue and Team Red Shirt Designs as well as updated all product imagery on the Store!  Check out what all the merchandise looks like and get yours in today!  Remember you have to have a seat at the event to be able to buy merchandise, because that is where you will pick it up!


Power By.... Intel

Intel has been a sponsor of ours many times in history, but today we welcome them back as a sponsor of Fragapalooza 2016!  Just Awesome!

Your Shirts Provided By...

i.d. apparel is officially sponsoring Fragapalooza 2016.  They are helping us out with our Merchandise this year, and we are so lucky to be working with them.  Here is a bit from the sponsor:

Established in 1997, i.d. apparel is a Western Canadian leader in promotional marketing, specializing in corporate apparel and custom embroidery.


i.d. apparel has on-site state-of-the-art embroidery equipment, a digital imprinter, and a laser engraving system in our 16,000 sq. ft. Stettler facility. In addition to our production facility, i.d. apparel has two additional warehouses with over 30,000 sq. ft. of storage space and stock.

Registration Forms for your convenience have been posted. You must be registered to see the forms and logged into the website: Forms

Welcome to July! We are now just over a month away from Fragapalooza 2016 - our 20th year!!! Can you taste the excitement?

This year, like every year, we are looking for volunteers to help us run the event and make it the best we can. There are lots of things we need help with, and for those that have not volunteered before, there is a document explaining the different jobs/tasks that are required.

If you are interested in volunteering this year, I need you to fill out this volunteer application form. There are not a lot of questions, but it will help us better prepare and be more organized.

Here is a link to the volunteer document if you wish to take a look before filling out the application form.

If you have any questions or problems with the form, please let me know.


This year we will be introducing our first solo tournament for League of Legends!  If you think you have the skill to come out victorious using nothing but your own skills, this tournament will be a perfect showcase of your abilities.  If this interests you, check out the tournament rules, and sign up now!  

The schedule for this tournament has not yet been decided, but will not conflict with other tournaments.

Sign-up ahead of Fragapalooza 2016 with your Teams!!!!

We announced the following last week with the Rocket League post:

We are also pleased to announce that we are currently accepting signups for all of our announced tournaments!  You can sign up for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and Rocket League over on our tournaments page.  You must be logged in and have at least one paid seat for Fragapalooza 2016.  Buy a ticket while early bird seats are still available!

But thought we should post it all by itself! New to Fragapalooza 2016 event is the ability to pre-sign up for Official Tournaments through the website itself! This does many things for you and Fragapalooza together:

  • Lets you pre-set your teams and be ready to battle it out together without the mad rush of doing so day of the Tournament
  • Lets Fragapalooza know how many teams to schedule and get those schedules narrowed down well in advance to let you and your team mates know when you will be playing
  • Lets everyone know how many teams will be at the event and which teams those will be
  • Lets Fragapalooza determine if we can officially hold the Tournament if there is a minimum team count required

So please, get your teams registered, paid and then signed-up for the tournament(s) you wish to participate in.  As always Contact Us with any questions, concerns or anything else on this or any other matter.

Today we launch Fragapalooza 2016 Merchandise on the Fragapalooza website Store. You can now start a new cart of items you want to pre-order for pickup at Fragapalooza 2016 event held August 4-7, 2016 at the Leduc Recreation Centre.  Only fully paid completed purchases will be ordered and the cut-off for orders will be July 9, 2016.  We have a big selection this year of items, including favorites like T-Shirts and Caps, as well as a list of lots of new things.  The full item list is as follows:

  • Fancy Geek Sheet (Embroidered T-Shirt)
  • Plain Geek Sheet (T-Shirt)
  • ** RvB Team Shirts (T-Shirt)
  • Gamer Uniform (Hoodie)
  • Fine Threads (Polo Shirt)
  • Mobile Shade Gadget (Ball Cap)
  • Hydration Retention Device (Coffee Mug)
  • Flexible Art (Mouse Pad)

** The design of the RvB Team Shirts is currently under wraps until Fragapalooza 2016 has reached a Paid Participants count level (its a secret!). Just know they are worth the wait, but if you or people you know what to see and have pending seats or have been waiting to register, get in now to enjoy the benefits of Early Bird (ends July 3, 2016) purchases as well as help unlock this Special T-Shirt Design Achievement!  We aren't stopping you from ordering the RvB Team Shirts, just making a little fun game of it for the masses!

Today we are happy to announce Seating will be opening soon.  We are having a RvB theme this year, so if you want to be on the R or the B you might want to stick in the seating that matches (and that is the only teaser we are giving today on that part of Fragapalooza 2016).  Seating will be opening in the following order:

  • Special Event Registrations (Extra Life 2015, etc) - June 30th
  • Early Bird/Holiday Sale Purchases (including Clan Gathering/Holiday Gathering fully paid by July 3rd, 2016) - July 4th
  • General Admission Seating (including Clan Gathering purchased on/after July 4th, 2016) - July 10th

As you can see you still have time to get those EARLY BIRD seat purchases paid by July 3rd to not only get the Early Bird bonus prize draws but also get to select your seats earlier than everyone else!

Clan Reservation

For those whom are looking for Clan Reserved seating, please use the Contact Us form and include the following:

  • Subject: Clan Reservation - [Clan Name]
  • Body:
    • Clan Head - Name, Gamer Alias, FP Login (This person is consider the Clan Manager in terms of contact for the reservation - does not need to be the Clan Head in terms of your gaming)
    • Members - Name, Gamer Alias, FP Login
    • Row and Seats you wish to reserve
    • Did you request a Clan Reservation in 2015?  If so can we reuse? (We will send you back a list of current people)

We will only be taking seat reservations for Clans 6 members or more.  The Reservations will only be until July 17th at which time the reservations will expire and be returned to the general selection pool.

Only Full Paid Seats will be eligible for reserving a Seat on the Seating section.  If you have pending cart items that are Seats, please remit payment to guarantee a seat selection for Fragapalooza 2016.  Seating is limited and can sell out so make sure to get yours today!

Think you can prove your mettle as the best Rocket Powered RC Car Driver?  Got a co-driver with some epic skills?  Partner up for this year's Rocket League tournament at Fragapalooza!  We will be running a 2v2 single elimination tournament for Rocket League.  If you are interested in participating, please check out our General Tournament Rules, and Rocket League Rules documents.  This tournament will be scheduled on Friday evening (August 5th, 2016), so get yourselves there quickly!

We are also pleased to announce that we are currently accepting signups for all of our announced tournaments!  You can sign up for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and Rocket League over on our tournaments page.  You must be logged in and have at least one paid seat for Fragapalooza 2016.  Buy a ticket while early bird seats are still available!

Fragapalooza every year has Early Bird pricing and draws set up for your consumption.  We are announcing today that the Early Bird Cut-Off date will be July 3, 2016 at Midnight.  Early Bird contains the following:

  • Discounted Rates for Fragapalooza Registration (Clan Packs as well as Individual Seat Pricing)
  • Store Pre-Orders for Merchandise (such as Shirts, Cups, etc)
  • Early Bird Prize Draw at Opening Ceremonies

In order to be eligible for each of the above, you must have completed your cart item sales (selected and paid in full) for seats and pre-orders prior to this deadline.  We will be announcing Shirt Designs and Merchanise soon, as we are just finalizing those details, so as of yet they are not available in the store, but will be soon.  Stay tuned for that announcement, and at that time you can start a second purchase, BUT no need to wait to get your Seat to secure your Early Bird prize draw entry today!!!

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