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What Fragapalooza Summer 2014
When August 7-10, 2014
Where Leduc Recreation Centre
4330 Black Gold Drive
Leduc, AB T9E 3C3
Games Played Anything and Everything!
Official Tournaments
Giveaways We are workin on it!
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Mon Jul 21 22:58:43 -0600 2014
Call for Volunteers

So...with the event just over 2 weeks away, I am asking for anyone interested in volunteering again this year (and first timers too!), to please email volunteer AT fragapalooza DOT ca.

We need people for setup on Wednesday August 6 beginning at 8am and lasting until everything is done. This is not glamorous work, but is the most important. Be prepared to get dirty (and have fun doing it). If you are only able to help for a few hours on setup day, just indicate that in your email.

We also need people for registration on Thursday and Friday.

Security personnel will be required for the entire event, but I promise to keep your shifts to a minimum wherever possible to allow you to enjoy the event as much as possible.

Remember guys, without volunteers, Fragapalooza would not be possible and every hour you put in REALLY helps the event run smoothly. Even if you only want to do a single 4 hour security shift some night, that totally helps us out, so keep that in mind.

I would prefer all volunteers to be at least 18 years old, but if you are younger and think you have what it takes, email me and we can talk.


-- Sphincter

Wed Jul 16 09:49:12 -0600 2014

Fragapalooza is happy to announce that it is teaming up with Nicholas "Tjej" Siennicki to help organize and run some quality eSports Tournaments during this year's event.  Together, we are dedicated to providing the best possible tournament experience to Fraga attendees.

Tjej has many years of event organization experience, including organizing Starcraft 2's largest Amateur League and helping with Fragapalooza's own Starcraft events in 2012.  Additionally, Nicholas has run many  LAN events in Edmonton and Calgary, including Starcraft 2 and League of Legends tournaments at OverKlocked Gaming.

This year, Fragapalooza will be running three primary tournaments for Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, and League of Legends with awesome trophies for the winners!  Don't want to limit yourself?  Fragapalooza will run additional tournaments if there is sufficient interest for a specific game.  

These events will be strictly organized and ran so that all participants may play in all primary events. Tournament Sign-Ups will begin when the doors open on Thursday, and remain open until 5:00PM on Friday when the tournaments begin.

Tue Jul 15 09:32:26 -0600 2014
Wappo Gaming Returns

Wappo Gaming Returns for another year with Gaming Servers and Sponsorship.  We welcome them back as they have been a huge help with our event now for many years running!


Tue Jul 15 09:30:11 -0600 2014
Early Registration Draw Winner!

So we had a great first part of registrations but unfortunately didn't make that 170  goal we were looking for.  Still we have a prize to give away and DuckBoy is our winner of a Dishonored - Game of the Year Edition.  Stay tuned for more prize draws and announcements for Fragapalooza 2014!


Thu Jul 10 08:11:37 -0600 2014
VEMMA's back with Verve Energy Drinks!

Yes they are back, with great tasting original energy drink Verve and now NEW flavors of iced coffee, mango iced tea, and the brand new Remix! Pre-order to ship to your door and be ready for Fragapalooza 2014!

Verve Tasting Parties - If you want to try before you buy...check out their upcoming events through Facebook and go see them!

And it's Fraggin' healthy... so please like them on Facebook!  


Thu Jul 10 08:02:13 -0600 2014
OverKlocked Returns

OverKlocked is back for Fragapalooza 2014 as a sponsor and also as a payment drop-off location, becoming one of our mainstay sponsors.  So hit them up if you want some LAN gaming practice before Fragapalooza, or if you just want to pay for the event.


Wed Jul 09 14:48:27 -0600 2014
Reminder and Giveaway

So we are almost to the deadline for Hats, T-Shirts and Early Registration pre-paid discount.  As such I am feeling very Fragish... and want to give something away!!!! And look at all these games I have just sitting here to give away! So I will give away a prize to one lucky registered and paid participant after the Early Registration deadline on Friday.  So get those registrations in!!!!


Actually I am feeling really generous and have so much more to give away.... I know!!!! If Fragpalooza 2014 gets 50 more registrations and paid by the Early Registration deadline I will give away another two Prizes to those already paid.  As of right now we have 120 paid for the event, and I want to see 170 by Friday's deadline.  So start getting your friends registered and paid today!!!

Contest is only available to people who have registered with a valid email address for the #Fragapalooza 2014 event on the www.fragapalooza.ca webpage, and who have paid in full their registration. The contest winner(s) will be chosen at random from these paid registrations only. The winner(s) will be notified via their email used for the Fragapalooza 2014 registration.


Wed Jul 09 14:29:51 -0600 2014
Cisco Sponsors Network

We are super excited to have Cisco sponsor Fragapalooza 2014 with a blazing fast lightning network.  Cisco has been a major sponsor of Fragapalooza many years now and we are so glad to have them return again this year.  Check them out for all your networking needs!


Wed Jul 02 08:26:41 -0600 2014
Early Registration and Event Mechandise Cut-Off

Hey Guys,

Just to let you know Early Registration (for prize draws and discount) and Event Merchandise Cut-Off is Friday, July 11, 2014.  We all want you to have access to free stuff and cheaper registration so please get your purchases in before next Friday!


Thu Jun 12 07:45:10 -0600 2014
Veeam Sponsors 2014

We would like to welcome Veeam back as a sponsor of Fragapalooza 2014. 

From veeam.com:
"Veeam® is Modern Data Protection™. We believe today’s IT requirements have changed and that “3C” legacy backup problems—high costs, increased complexity and missing capabilities—are no longer acceptable for any organization. Veeam provides powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions that are Built for Virtualization™ and the Cloud—a perfect fit for the modern data center."

We are glad they are back to sponsor Fragapalooza again and know you all are too.  Check them out at http://www.veeam.com/


Wed Jun 04 05:24:41 -0600 2014
We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Moonnie on the win in our Ramp up for fp2014 registration draw.  Hopefully Steam cooperates with us soon so we can get that prize over to Moonnie.  Stay tuned for more giveaways in fragapalooza's future!


Fri May 30 13:45:45 -0600 2014
Early Registration Online Draw

Ramp up for #fp2014 has begun, and we are feeling generous and greedy at the same time. Monday we will be giving away a steam game to a random registered and paid member for the Fragapalooza 2014 event (current registered and paid attendees are eligible). So get that registration in this weekend and you could be a part of that! We promise, it will be a game you do not own... even if we have to strangle StraT's piggy bank to get you one.

Contest is only available to people who have registered with a valid email address for the #Fragapalooza 2014 event on the www.fragapalooza.ca webpage, and who have paid in full their registration. The contest winner will be chosen at random from these paid registrations only. The winner will be notified via their email used for the Fragapalooza 2014 registration.

Good Luck to all and visit Sphincter and friends this weekend at The Eek Comic and Pop Culture Fest for more possible prizes.


Tue May 13 15:04:25 -0600 2014
Fragapalooza 2014 Poster
Hey All.  So here is our Fragapalooza 2014 Launch Poster.  Feel free to share this everywhere!



Fri May 02 19:35:34 -0600 2014

Winter is over.... registration is coming!  Get ready for Fragapalooza 2014!  

Leduc Rec Centre again, and its a big number for Fragapalooza!  Stay tuned!


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