Sponsorship - Game OVR Entertainment

Coming to Fragapalooza 2018 for the first time is an onsite VR station for your Virtual Reality Gaming.  While with us for 4 days of non-stop gaming, you can check out Game OVR's booth hosting their best in VR mobile experience.

Edmonton and Area’s premium VR Arcade, featuring the largest play spaces in Canada, and the only arcade in Alberta with wireless headsets. With over 50 games and experiences, our 5000 sq foot facility is perfect for Birthday parties, Team Building, Field Trips, and more. Our mobile station that’s on site at Fragapalooza 2018 will also be available for your private function anytime, anywhere.

In addition to being on site, Game OVR will be sponsoring our CS:GO Tournament with prizing from their facility. Here is what they have to say about what you can win in the tournament:

1st Place: In addition to bragging rights, your team will walk away with a party package from Game OVR. Featuring the largest play spaces in all of Canada, Game OVR is a world class virtual reality gaming facility. With over 50 games to choose from, put your gaming skills to the test in an entirely new way. Package includes 1 deluxe room and 4 standard rooms and a dedicated game attendant for 90 minutes of gameplay followed by 30 minutes in our party room for your victory feast.


2nd Place: You may not have taken home the gold, but you can still hold your head up high, and strap a VR headset on it at Game OVR. Your team has won 5 free hours of virtual reality gaming (1 hour each).


3rd Place: You made a valiant effort, but alas ultimate victory lay just out of reach. Your team still wins a chance to sharpen your teamwork with 30 minutes each of game time at Game OVR, after all, it’s never too early to start preparing for next year...

And beyond the tournament, Game OVR will also be donating more prizing to Fragapalooza 2018 for give-a-ways to you, the gamers!

Sponsorship - F12.net

A Fragapalooza first!  F12.net is sponsoring us this year and joining us onsite during the event.  See if you can spot them during the 4 days of Non-Stop Gaming!  Otherwise check them out for all IT Solutions and "Consider IT Done" if you do!

Sponsorship - Telus 

A brand new Sponsor this year for Fragapalooza, Telus!  We are so pleased to be able to start a partnership with Telus and Fragapalooza, and we know they will help make Fragapalooza 2018 a huge success.  They will be sending down a Charging Station for all your mobile device needs during the event, which will also be a Fragapalooza First!  Check them out today!

Sponsorship - Cisco 

We have had such a great partnership with Cisco over the years, sponsoring Fragapalooza with Network Equipment needs for the majority of our events.  And in 2018 Cisco is back to help us out with the best network for all your gaming needs!!!  Can't wait to use it in August as well know all of you will be!

Seating Opens June 1, 2018 for Early Birds and Clan Reservation Request are being taken.

Seating will open June 1, 2018 for all Early Bird purchases for reserving your seat.  If you haven't done/completed your seat purchase, head over to the Store and do so now to make sure you get that premium seat you want for the event.  Then on June 1, 2018, ensure you are logged into our website and using the Seating link select your seat(s) based on how many fully paid seats you have on your account.  Don't forget you can transfer seats to others if you bought that Clan pack anytime from the Seating page!

Early Bird seating selection will begin June 1, 2018 @ NOON (12:00PM).

General seating selection will begin July 1, 2018.

Clan Reservations

We are now taking Clan Reservation requests through email.  Please use the Contact Us form to send us your requests, include RESERVATION REQUEST in the Subject.  Clan Requests will require:

  • Clan Name (whether new or returning)
  • Minimum of 6 Paid Seats, or 50% Paid Seats of the requested Clan Reservation, which ever is the higher.
    • Please provide a list of the required Paid Seats of the Participants for this year's event so we can verify your numbers
  • Number of reservations requesting
  • Clan Captain(s) - these people have the ability to control whom can be in the clan
  • Where on the Seating chart you wish to reserve (Row and Seat #s)

All reservations will be held until July 1, 2018 and then the reservations will expire and the seats will return to general purpose selection for anyone attending Fragapalooza 2018 to reserve.

Sponsorship - DisplayCo

A new sponsor this year for Fragapalooza, we would like to thank DisplayCo for their donation of goods to be used during the 2018 Fragapalooza event!  Very generous and helpful!

Early Bird and Merchandise Deadlines – June 31, 2018

The Early Bird and Merchandise pre-order Deadline is June 31, 2018 and we want to make sure you have a Fully Paid purchased seat and any Merchandise pre-orders completed by then. If you have PENDING items in your cart or any outstanding orders that are NOT paid in full by the deadline, these purchasable items will be invalid and you will have to start a new transaction.
So don’t delay, register today to gain these benefits:

  • Discounted Rates for Fragapalooza Registration (Clan Packs as well as Individual Seat Pricing)
  • Early Bird access to Reservation of Seat for Fragapalooza 2018 for all Fully Paid Early Bird Seats
  • Early Bird Prize Draw at Opening Ceremonies for each Fully Paid Early Bird Seats
  • Eligibility to purchase Merchandise for pre-order to be picked up at the event

After the deadline the costs for a Seat at Fragapalooza 2018 will go up and the above benefits will no longer apply. Get your seat today @ https://www.fragapalooza.com/index.php/storefront

NOTE: You must either add a Seat to the order or have already Purchased a seat under your Fragapalooza Website account in order to purchase Merchandise, as all orders will be fulfilled for pickup at the event (so we want to make sure you will be there to pick them up!).

Fragapalooza 2018 Registration is OPEN!

Game-hes and Game-hers!

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. Registration for #Fragapalooza2018 is OPEN!

Seating is limited, and early bird pricing will only last for so long.

Get a seat for you and your clan with our Clan Seating bundle and game with your friends for all four days with this deal.

Mark your calendars... #fraga2018 takes place August 9 - 12, 2018 at the Leduc Recreation Centre.

Register for your seat today: Purchase A Seat/FP Store

Fragapalooza Help - The Future

You heard it at opening ceremonies, Fragapalooza is looking for help to keep the event going.  Are you interested? Do you have drive and time to devote to a Not-For-Profit which Fragapalooza is?  Well then please contact us using the Fragapalooza Contact Us form.  We'll collect your contact info, and any other particulars you leave us and let you know what's next!

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