Greetings all!

Planning for our event continues to trundle forward slowly but surely like a mildly agitated Snorlax, and we are ready to start opening on the floodgates that is the chaos of Seating!  Specifically, we are now accepting requests for reserved Clan seating for groups of 16 or more.  Once large clans have reserved their seats, on April 15th we will accept requests for clans of 8 or more.  Finally, on April 30th our seating chart will be open for early bird seat selection at which point we will accept requests for reservations for clans of 4 or more.

We have taken some time this year to review and formalize our Seating and Reservation Guidelines, so please review them if you intend on requesting a Clan Reservation this year. 

Read more: 2019 Seating and Reservations News!

Fragapalooza 2019 Registration is OPEN!

Game-hes and Game-hers!

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. Registration for #Fragapalooza2019 is OPEN!

Seating is limited, and early bird pricing will only last for so long.

Get a seat for you and your clan with our Clan Seating bundle and game with your friends for all four days with this deal.

Mark your calendars... #fraga2019 takes place August 08 - 11, 2018 at the Leduc Recreation Centre.

Register for your seat today: Purchase A Seat/FP Store

***Important Update Regarding Fragapalooza 2019***

There is a change in the original dates we hoped to secure for Fragapalooza 2019. At this time we are announcing that our dates for the 2019 event are as follows.

August 8, 9, 10, and 11, 2019. At the Leduc Recreation Center.

It was our attempt to alleviate any conflict with other events for the Edmonton area gaming community and allow everyone to participate in all the nerd/geek events they could. As there are only so many wonderful events in the YEG area. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a venue that would accommodate a later date.

We appreciate your patience in the matter, as we know some of you have attempted to confirm dates for Fragapalooza. We hope you can still join us for Canada’s Premier Video Game Event and look forward to seeing you all there!


Sponsorship - Long View

Long View is sponsoring Fragapalooza this year with some nice prizing.  Check them out for many different IT related needs!

Do you have a camera, a sense of humor, a little bit of wit and the desire to win a new unlocked Galaxy S9 courtesy of TELUS valued at $1000?  We've got you covered!  Just record an amusing short video involving Fragapalooza or gaming and send us a link to your video at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We don't want to constrain creativity, so feel free to record an original video, bloopers from your streams, remixed videos with an original audio track, or whatever strikes your fancy! 

Video Requirements:

  • No longer than 120 seconds
  • Themed around Fragapalooza or Gaming
  • Submissions must be received by midnight Saturday night
  • Keep your submitted content civil and clean
  • One entry per participant
  • The S9 prize is dependent upon a minimum of 10 submissions otherwise a prize of lesser value will be substituted

The submissions will be judged on comedic/amusing grounds and the top three videos selected by staff will be presented at the closing ceremonies.

Sponsorship - Rigstar

New in 2018, Rigstar will be helping out the event with some equipment we can use.  Fragapalooza is happy to start this relationship with Rigstar and you should check them out.


Accommodation Options - Leduc

We have been putting together a list of options of sleeping arrangements for those that wish to stay onsite or in the area. There is a spreadsheet that will that lists hotel accommodations for this year's event.  You might have noticed we are filling up our seating area, and sleeping at the event will be limited.  Here are the options:

  • Camping - The Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) has a camping area just East of the East Entrance (closest to the event). The area is a gravel section, where garbage gins will be provided by the LRC. You are welcome to bring your tents, trailers, and RVs to stay in the area, however there is no hookup facilities available onsite. The LRC venue does have team tocker rooms with onsite showers. NOTE: this area is first come first serve, and may be shared with other events happening at the same time.
  • Hotels List - We have contacted many surrounding hotels for your convenience and put all their details in one nice Accommodations Spreadsheet.  Any questions feel free to contact the hotels directly. We will be keeping this updated as more options become available.
  • At the Event - The north part of the seating plan shows a small area that can be used to put down single sized sleeping bags/beds, but is limited to first come first serve, and may be subject to removal should the event need more seating for participants. As you can tell already we are a pretty full venue this year, so while we hope this area will be available for this use, we cannot guarantee that to be so! There is also area behind on the second floor, above the stage, in the tiered seats for sleeping as well.

The LRC will not be providing any additional sleeping areas for us beyond the list above. For everyone's safety, we cannot let you sleep in the isle during the event.

Sponsorship - Cybersellers


Another new sponsor to Fragapalooza is Cybersellers.  They will be donating their time and prizing to our event and we are so glad that they are!  Check them out during the 4 days of gaming!

Sponsorship - Veeam

A returning Sponsor, Veeam always is very generous with their give-a-ways for our event, and are no different this year.  Veeam is back as a sponsor of Fragapalooza and we are so glad they could be a part of our 2018 event!

Sponsorship - Blue's Custom Restaurant & Lounge & Grill + Greens

Onsite at the LRC is Blue's Custom Restaurant & Lounge and Grill + Greens concession upstairs from our event location. This year they are offering the following to you during the event:

  • Frag credentials awards a 10% discount at the Grill & Greens concession and Blue’s Restaurants (limited to food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases).
  • Frag credentials awards one complimentary refill on fountain pop at the Grill & Greens concession with the purchase of a large fountain pop.

We are very pleased to have them working with us this year as a sponsor and hope you can check them out for some food and beverage breaks!

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