Official Tournaments

While Fragapalooza is formally a LAN Party, we do run Official Tournaments because that's what our participants want!  Official Tournaments are typically Sponsored in some shape or form, offering significant prizes and prestige.  If anyone is looking to host an Official Tournament during Fragapalooza, please do not hesitate to Contact Us about it.

Fragapalooza 2015

This year we are hosting 5 Official Tournaments.  Below is the Official 2015 Tournament list:


We are proud to welcome back the Counter Strike community to our event with an Official CS:GO tournament to be held during the event. The prizing for this tournament will be determined by the event participation and the amount of teams that register, so please register early and spread the word.  Prizing will be for the successful team(s) and is based on the amount of teams involved.  The format will either be a single or double elimination again based on the amount of teams involved and the amount of time we have to complete the tournaments.  Sign-ups will be at the event so we don't know the amount of teams involved yet.

Super Smash Brothers - Wii U

We are putting together a 4v4 Super Smash Brothers Official Tournament.  We'll supply the big screen, we'll supply the Wii U, we'll supply the controllers (controllers may very and will be distributed as a first come first serve basis).  You supply the teams.  Character selection options may vary depending on DLC and Unlocks available at the time of the event and on the Wii U we are providing.  Look for sign-ups at the event, and get practicing!

Battlefield 4 - PC

Capital Airsoft is officially sponsoring a Battlefield 4 Tournament of 4x4 Team Deathmatch for prizing from their facilities for the winners.  Depending on interest at the event this will either be a single or double elimination tournament.  Sign-ups will be at the event so we don't know the amount of teams involved yet.



Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2 - PC

The Dead Lands is officially sponsoring a L4D or L4D2 (game will be determined on player demand during sign-up) and will be a 4x4 Team Deathmatch, and you get to be the Humans and Zombies and take best of both.



StarCraft II - PC

We will be again running a StarCraft II tournament to satisfy you RTS fans out there! Sign-ups will be at the event and will be a 1v1 tournament and double elimination after qualifying rounds.



Unofficial Tournaments

Fragapalooza is gamers putting on the event for gamers.  We love to work with our gamers to setup tournaments as they wish.  These usually pop-up during the event and can be organized or even adhoc.  If you have some interest in doing an Unofficial Tournament we are here to help.  If you wish to discuss it with us feel free to Contact Us about it.

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