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Planning for our event continues to trundle forward slowly but surely like a mildly agitated Snorlax, and we are ready to start opening on the floodgates that is the chaos of Seating!  Specifically, we are now accepting requests for reserved Clan seating for groups of 16 or more.  Once large clans have reserved their seats, on April 15th we will accept requests for clans of 8 or more.  Finally, on April 30th our seating chart will be open for early bird seat selection at which point we will accept requests for reservations for clans of 4 or more.

We have taken some time this year to review and formalize our Seating and Reservation Guidelines, so please review them if you intend on requesting a Clan Reservation this year. 

Another change we are trying out this year is that our Seating Chart looks quite a bit different than previous years.  For context, In previous years we've used the same floor plan image on the website for seating as we do for planning our electrical and network drops, which is accurately scaled to the inch and implied a certain commitment to people once they had selected their seat.  These plans are by necessity in flux up until the day of the event as we get more participants signing up and we need to expand our seating to accommodate more people.  Because we may need to modify spacing between rows, add seats to existing rows, and add new rows entirely over several months, the introduction of Overflow Seating added too many complications to the equation as we tried to comply with implied 'promises' made to those who have already selected their seats. 

If you have feedback on the new seating chart or reservation guidelines, please reach out to us at the event!

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