Early Bird and Merchandise Deadlines – June 31, 2018

The Early Bird and Merchandise pre-order Deadline is June 31, 2018 and we want to make sure you have a Fully Paid purchased seat and any Merchandise pre-orders completed by then. If you have PENDING items in your cart or any outstanding orders that are NOT paid in full by the deadline, these purchasable items will be invalid and you will have to start a new transaction.
So don’t delay, register today to gain these benefits:

  • Discounted Rates for Fragapalooza Registration (Clan Packs as well as Individual Seat Pricing)
  • Early Bird access to Reservation of Seat for Fragapalooza 2018 for all Fully Paid Early Bird Seats
  • Early Bird Prize Draw at Opening Ceremonies for each Fully Paid Early Bird Seats
  • Eligibility to purchase Merchandise for pre-order to be picked up at the event

After the deadline the costs for a Seat at Fragapalooza 2018 will go up and the above benefits will no longer apply. Get your seat today @ https://www.fragapalooza.com/index.php/storefront

NOTE: You must either add a Seat to the order or have already Purchased a seat under your Fragapalooza Website account in order to purchase Merchandise, as all orders will be fulfilled for pickup at the event (so we want to make sure you will be there to pick them up!).