Today we launch Fragapalooza 2016 Merchandise on the Fragapalooza website Store. You can now start a new cart of items you want to pre-order for pickup at Fragapalooza 2016 event held August 4-7, 2016 at the Leduc Recreation Centre.  Only fully paid completed purchases will be ordered and the cut-off for orders will be July 9, 2016.  We have a big selection this year of items, including favorites like T-Shirts and Caps, as well as a list of lots of new things.  The full item list is as follows:

  • Fancy Geek Sheet (Embroidered T-Shirt)
  • Plain Geek Sheet (T-Shirt)
  • ** RvB Team Shirts (T-Shirt)
  • Gamer Uniform (Hoodie)
  • Fine Threads (Polo Shirt)
  • Mobile Shade Gadget (Ball Cap)
  • Hydration Retention Device (Coffee Mug)
  • Flexible Art (Mouse Pad)

** The design of the RvB Team Shirts is currently under wraps until Fragapalooza 2016 has reached a Paid Participants count level (its a secret!). Just know they are worth the wait, but if you or people you know what to see and have pending seats or have been waiting to register, get in now to enjoy the benefits of Early Bird (ends July 3, 2016) purchases as well as help unlock this Special T-Shirt Design Achievement!  We aren't stopping you from ordering the RvB Team Shirts, just making a little fun game of it for the masses!

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