Today we are happy to announce Seating will be opening soon.  We are having a RvB theme this year, so if you want to be on the R or the B you might want to stick in the seating that matches (and that is the only teaser we are giving today on that part of Fragapalooza 2016).  Seating will be opening in the following order:

  • Special Event Registrations (Extra Life 2015, etc) - June 30th
  • Early Bird/Holiday Sale Purchases (including Clan Gathering/Holiday Gathering fully paid by July 3rd, 2016) - July 4th
  • General Admission Seating (including Clan Gathering purchased on/after July 4th, 2016) - July 10th

As you can see you still have time to get those EARLY BIRD seat purchases paid by July 3rd to not only get the Early Bird bonus prize draws but also get to select your seats earlier than everyone else!

Clan Reservation

For those whom are looking for Clan Reserved seating, please use the Contact Us form and include the following:

  • Subject: Clan Reservation - [Clan Name]
  • Body:
    • Clan Head - Name, Gamer Alias, FP Login (This person is consider the Clan Manager in terms of contact for the reservation - does not need to be the Clan Head in terms of your gaming)
    • Members - Name, Gamer Alias, FP Login
    • Row and Seats you wish to reserve
    • Did you request a Clan Reservation in 2015?  If so can we reuse? (We will send you back a list of current people)

We will only be taking seat reservations for Clans 6 members or more.  The Reservations will only be until July 17th at which time the reservations will expire and be returned to the general selection pool.

Only Full Paid Seats will be eligible for reserving a Seat on the Seating section.  If you have pending cart items that are Seats, please remit payment to guarantee a seat selection for Fragapalooza 2016.  Seating is limited and can sell out so make sure to get yours today!

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