Fragapalooza every year has Early Bird pricing and draws set up for your consumption.  We are announcing today that the Early Bird Cut-Off date will be July 3, 2016 at Midnight.  Early Bird contains the following:

  • Discounted Rates for Fragapalooza Registration (Clan Packs as well as Individual Seat Pricing)
  • Store Pre-Orders for Merchandise (such as Shirts, Cups, etc)
  • Early Bird Prize Draw at Opening Ceremonies

In order to be eligible for each of the above, you must have completed your cart item sales (selected and paid in full) for seats and pre-orders prior to this deadline.  We will be announcing Shirt Designs and Merchanise soon, as we are just finalizing those details, so as of yet they are not available in the store, but will be soon.  Stay tuned for that announcement, and at that time you can start a second purchase, BUT no need to wait to get your Seat to secure your Early Bird prize draw entry today!!!

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