We are happy to announce the first of this year's Official Fragapalooza Tournaments is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  Lets defuse us some bombs for justice, liberty and great victory!

If you are interested in participating in this tournament, please take the time to read our general tournament rules for this year as well as the rules and format for the Counter-Strike tournament.  Both of these documents are a work in progress and may change before the tournament starts.  You may provide feedback on the documents themselves.  We are continuing the improvements to our website that will allow us to accept team signups from paid participants, so please look for that this month.  

Please note that this tournament will only proceed if we have at least 4 teams signed up at the start of the tournament, tentatively scheduled for the evening of August 5th, continuing on August 6th as required.

We will be announcing more tournaments as we get closer to the event, we look forward to seeing you there!

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Fragapalooza - The Digital Experience 2021 08/05/2021 11:00 AM